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This is what makes Margot's heart sing!

"Am I pretty? When we look in the mirror at our reflection, there is always something that we would like to enhance. We may feel as if “beauty standards” mock us, unsure with unconscious confusion. Growing up I loved getting dolled up, even for the most simplest events. I had a school uniform which I followed with exception of my own flair. I felt confident in my skin, I would smile at my reflection. Weeks went by, and weeks went worse. Not sure if this is a game I am supposed to play along to. I started to question myself and second-guessed my favorite beaded necklace. The school did not go as planned. That new beginning excitement started to grow an overwhelming shadow that I thought I had no control over. I was devastated. I once again passed my mirror and encouraged myself to keep smiling. My mom saw that dimpled smile shrink. One night, I was lying in bed, and my mom had come to show me a reassurance I didn't know I needed. She took a book from behind her back, I was beaming in excitement. She lay down beside me as we read through the pages and I pointed out the pictures. It had become our new routine, that every night I had feelings of unconfidence, we would read this book as a reminder of inner beauty. Mommy, am I pretty? has a large impact on my life. Its emboldened messages showed me courage and lifted my confidence. It brought me brightness so I could go to bed feeling self-assertive, and push away any feelings of negativity. I am especially thankful for my mom and all of her encouragement, and for bringing this book into my life when it was needed most. It is a childhood treasure and I always try to spread its optimistic message.  Always stay pretty in your heart!"


- Adrianna Phillips -

Mommy am I pretty? by Margot Denomme

Ranked one of the Year’s Best Picture Books of 2014 by Resource Links

Once there was a girl named Molly who wondered what it meant to be pretty. So she asked her mother, “Mommy, am I pretty?” Molly learns that being pretty means much more than how you look on the outside.


Twins Sam and Sofia ask their mother if they are, respectively, strong and pretty. While enjoying ice cream, their mother imparts important lessons about what makes a child ‘awesome’. They learn that being awesome emanates from their own hearts and minds regardless of who they are, what they look like, or their gender.


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"I am...
Confident, Strong, Proud, Kind, Unique, and I am NOT photoshopped”