Let's teach our children that beauty, strength, and kindness come from their own hearts and minds!

About the Author

Margot L. Denomme J.D. practices criminal law in Toronto. After publishing Mommy, am I pretty? and attending a number of schools to speak with students about its message, Margot recognized the need to develop a book that would reach both boys and girls. Awesome, Inside + Out! is designed to initiate a dialogue with all children about developing character and resilience, following their passion, and understanding that true beauty and strength come from within. These are the qualities that make you awesome from the inside, out!


About the Illustrators

The author’s daughters, Madison and Brooke’s first journey with illustration was with Mommy, am I pretty? Being part of the book’s publication and seeing firsthand the impact of its message, that true beauty comes from within, they have learned many valuable lessons. Madison enjoys painting and the sciences. Brooke loves singing and acting. Both girls share a love of volleyball.

Dr. David Maresky is a prominent pediatrician in Toronto with decades of experience treating patients. Dr. Maresky’s passion has always been caring for children and their families. He believes art and literature can foster important dialogue surrounding mental and emotional wellbeing.