Let's teach our children that beauty, strength, and kindness come from their own hearts and minds!



Beauty and strength come from within. This is the core message of Awesome, Inside + Out!  and of the Celebrate You! Tour, which began with the publication of Mommy, am I pretty? Both books, along with my school tour strive to teach children resilience for emotional and mental well-being and to celebrate their unique qualities.


Since my first visit as keynote speaker at Holy Name of Mary College School in 2013, the Celebrate You! Tour has been gaining momentum. Together we celebrate the importance of developing ourselves from the inside out by being confident, kind, strong, inclusive and unique. We also talk about the many false images in the media defining strength and beauty. Teachers and students alike have embraced my message that our best qualities come from within.


As a mother of two daughters, I firmly believe in the need for parents, teachers, and caregivers to help our children embrace the concept that our true worth and most valuable qualities come from within. I hope the lessons in Awesome, Inside + Out! will help foster discussion that will assist in providing children with the knowledge and tools to bolster their self-esteem.


Please contact me for more information about the Celebrate You Tour!, and to invite me to share my messages in Mommy Am I Pretty? and Awesome Inside + Out! with your school or community group. You can see a list of my recent Speaking Engagements on the Media : Events Page.


Celebrate You!







Social Media workshop!


Laurie McCann and Margot Denomme JD, have joined forces and developed a workshop to educate both parents and children about the dangers of Social Media. Margot’s presentation will focus upon tips and tools to use that will help combat the negative impact Media and influencers can have on children’s self-esteem. This has led to unprecedented anxiety and depression. Laurie will share valuable Internet safety tips as Social Media dangers continue to grow in our society and impact our children daily.


Margot L. Denommé JD - Criminal Lawyer

Margot has worked as a Criminal Lawyer for over 23 years and has seen the devastating effects of poor choices made by children with low self-esteem and damaged self-confidence, every day. As a mother of two daughters, Margot was struck by the unrealistic and distorted images of “beauty” perpetuated by mainstream and social media. Given the clear link between damaged self-worth, bullying, mental health issues, and a troubled future, Margot committed herself to write children’s stories with a clear counter-message—beauty comes from within, and from the depths of one’s heart. In 2013, Margot developed the The Celebrate YOU! Tour and has presented to over 150 schools and community groups in both Canada and the US. The Workshop promotes an in-depth discussion about the negative impact that social media can have on our confidence and focuses on key factors that contribute to positive self-esteem, including kindness, risk-taking, bravery, positive affirmations, self-love, developing passions, and embracing our own unique qualities. Margot recently completed the Dove Self-Esteem Project training and participated as a facilitator in Dove Day in October 2022.


Laurie McCann - Police Constable

Laurie McCann has been a Police Officer since 1998. She has worked in several different units throughout the service over her 24 year career. Laurie has been involved with Social Media since 2012 in a Law Enforcement capacity. She is an International speaker who has spoken to law enforcement officials, parents, government agencies and students both Nationally and Internationally. Laurie also worked with the Ministry of the Attorney General- Youth Justice Section for 5 years, running one day seminars on Social Media for success and safety to staff. Laurie is on a steering committee for safe Students and Partners against Cyber-Violence Everywhere (S.P.A.C.E).  She also spent 4 years speaking about Social Media, Cyberbullying and Internet Safety to students throughout the GTA and Ontario. Laurie is also an ambassador for the Children’s Mental Health of Ontario.

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For more Information about the Celebrate YOU! Tour and Social Media Workshop please contact Margot Denommé