Let's teach our children that beauty, strength, and kindness come from their own hearts and minds!



January 24, 2023: Social Media Workshop

We were very fortunate to have had Laurie McCann and Margot Denommé make a presentation to our parents which we called, The Internet: A Blessing or a Curse.  The presentation was everything that we hoped that it would be.  Margot spoke about how the internet contributed to self-esteem and self-image issues for vulnerable young people.  The message was very clear that they should identify the important values in life and those are the ones that make people beautiful.


Constable McCann gave a very pragmatic presentation on internet safety.  She emphasized the “dos’ and the ‘don’ts’ that are important to consider when utilizing various apps.  She discussed a great number of apps detailing the intended targets and the purpose of these apps.  What was extremely important was that she highlighted the dangers that could result from utilizing each app. Using her own family as an example, Laurie spoke about the important conversations that parents need to have with their children about the specifics of internet safety.

It was a very important presentation.  The parents who attended learned crucial strategies that they could use to help their children safely navigate the internet.  Laurie and Margot made a very engaging presentation that was supported by appropriate media.  For health reasons, we utilized a Zoom format.  It was very effective.  I would imagine that an in-person presentation would have created even more opportunity for them to feed off the audience.  I would highly recommend Laurie and Margot’s presentation for any parental group with children who were accessing the internet.  It is a very worthwhile presentation.


Ashley Waltman

Education Chair, Adath Israel Congregation

Former principal of North Toronto Collegiate Institute and Robbins Hebrew Academy

November 22, 2022

As the Co-Owner/Co-Director of Beaches Therapy Group, a group psychology and psychotherapy clinic in the East End of Toronto, I am keenly aware of the magnitude of the current crisis of youth and child mental health.


I was fortunate to meet Margot Denomme, a seasoned Criminal Lawyer, children's book author and parent. She invited me to join her in presenting about child empowerment for the BeKind Speaker Series at the Sandbox venue in Toronto. Immediately, her passion for protecting child mental health stood out and inspired me to join forces with her for the event. She rallied outstanding support from the community for the event and was an excellent speaker about the devastating effects of low self-esteem on child mental health.


Margot's books share a message of child empowerment that is one of the clearest and most compelling that I have come across in a children's book. Her works are meaningful teaching tools for parents, educators, and therapists to guide children toward building intrinsic self-esteem. During this time of crisis in child/teen mental health and social media overload, it is of utmost importance

to put resources in the hands of our kids that will empower their mental health. I have shared Margot's books with our team of therapists; they are excellent therapeutic tools.


As a psychotherapist and parent myself, I am inspired by Margot’s books, presentations and overall dynamism. Her commitment and passion to child mental health is truly outstanding and her message deserves to be shared with a wider audience.


Warm regards,

Rebecca Loucks MSW, RSW


Beaches Therapy Group


Women’s Community Network event in May 2022


When Margot spoke at my Women’s Community Network event in May 2022, you could hear a pin drop, the audience was so engaged. Margot speaks from the heart, her words of wisdom resonate. The impact of social media on our youth is a concern for all parents and especially for parents of young girls. Margot has brilliant insights into her own personal experience with her teenage daughters and how she helped them navigate the counter productive world of social media. I highly recommend her as an insightful and influential speaker, one who clearly outlines the problems we face as parents and provides practical solutions that will help our kids be more aware and be able to properly navigate the darker side of the web.


All the best,

Carol Eby

Director - Women's Community Network



As Catholic Trustee for Ward 2 Etobicoke Centre, my first responsibility is work toward student achievement and well-being at the TCDSB. I meet many people from a wide variety of backgrounds and many with exciting new ideas. I had the good fortune of meeting Margot Denomme, a Criminal Lawyer, who is passionate about helping children develop their self-esteem. Margot had encountered many people in the justice system who had self-esteem issues which often resulted in poor life choices.  Prompted by her work, Margot wrote children's empowerment books and developed a Celebrate You School Tour that helps youth recognize that their own power and uniqueness come from within. In my opinion, self-esteem programs should be an essential part of the TCDSB curriculum in response to the recent statistics which highlight the negative impact of Covid-19 on children's mental health. As a parent and School Board Trustee, I have been impressed by Margot's dedication and commitment to delivering her timely and necessary message to children.


Kindest regards

Markus de Domenico

Trustee Ward 2 Etobicoke Centre TCDSB

International Women's Day, March 6, 2020


Many thanks for giving us a very thoughtful and important address today.  I wish every daughter, mother and grandmother could hear you.  Your message is so important especially as the media becomes ever more pervasive in our lives.


I would like to convey my respect and admiration for the time and energy you devote to reminding us to what really matters.


Kind regards to you and Brooke.


Donna Unwin

Advocacy Committee

Canadian Federation of University Women -  Aurora/Newmarket


International Women's Day, March 8, 2020


We would like to thank Margot for her thoughtful, and very important messaging that applies to both children and parents.

The manner in which Margot delivers her important messaging about the impact of social media on children is riveting, Margot emphasizes the importance of helping children increase their self esteem through thoughtful acts such as kindness, developing passions, and having the courage to try new things. Her messaging is both important and timely. Margot states "the world is complicated and children need tools to help them navigate the pressures they face today". Margot has presented two wonderful tools; her books entitled Mommy, am I pretty? and Awesome Inside + out! which help start a conversation with little ones about becoming the best versions of themselves.  Bravo Margot.


Karen McCarrol

Scarborough Rotary

U for Change